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Microbial Culture for Composting

  • KickStart-C is an effective, safe and environmentally sensitive facilitator of aerobic composting of organic waste.
  • KickStart-C speeds up natural composting process and rapidly converts waste into a humus rich manure.
  • KickStart-C is free from any toxic or hazardous components. 
  • KickStart-C preserves the vital nutrients and organic matter in the waste while making it free from pathogens, foul smells and weed seeds.

KickStart-C contains the following “Value-Adding” products :

  • Fungi, Bacteria, Actinomyces, Enzymes
  • Natural NPK Carriers
  • N-fixing, PSB, KMB
  • Nutritional Carriers such as Wheat Bran and Natural Lime 

KickStart-C is suitable for treating and composting all kinds of organic wastes generated by :

  • Household.
  • Hotel & Restaurants.
  • Agriculture Farms.
  • Food Processing Units.
  • Agriculture Markets.
  • Abattoirs.
  • Religious Centres.
  • Parks & Gardens.
  • Municipal Solid Waste Plants.

What can KickStart-C compost ? :

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Left over meals.
  • Cooked, uncooked meats.
  • Fish.
  • Cheese.
  • Eggs.
  • Bread.
  • Coffee grinds.
  • Tea bags.
  • Wilted flowers.
  • Tissues. 

What cannot be composted :

  • Liquids – curry, sambhar, rasam, etc
  • Plastic.
  • Paper.
  • Glass.
  • Rotten Food.
  • Cigarettes.
  • Bio Hazards.
  • Metal.

Using KickStart-C :

  • Recommended Dosage is 1kg for 1MT organic waste. 
  • Arrange waste in a heap, ideally 3-4 mtr in width and 2mtr height.
  • If you are making a windrow, then make 2mtr width  and 1.5mtr height. 
  • Prepare Kickstart-C slurry. 
  • Spray onto waste. 
  • Maintain moisture at all times by spraying additional water if necessary. 
  • Turn the heap every week for proper preparation. 

Compost is ready in 4-5 weeks.

Note :

1. If starting waste is moist then, mix dry KickStart-C powder directly into the waste. Do not prepare slurry to avoid excess moisture levels. 

2. If temperature does not rise to 60 deg C in the first week then add some more Kickstart-C till this temperature is reached. 

3. Maintain adequate moisture level at all times. 

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