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Advantage of using Odo-Treat :

  • Removes Smell
  • Sanitizes disease causing germs
  • Discourages pests such as rats, vultures.
  • Stops production of toxic leaches and gases in the waste
  • Make organic garbage and waste stink free in just a few minutes with Odo-Treat. 

Dose & Application : 

  • Apply dry Odo-Treat powder over the waste.
  • Use 1Kg for 1 MT of waste or 1 sq. mtr area.
  • Avoid mixing the material after Odo-Treat’s application.
Features of  Odo-Treat :
  • Odo-Treat is a non hazarduous mixture of mineral and herbal components that control the putrefaction process of organic waste materials by retarding the formation of toxic leaching and gases.
  • Odo-Treat is a free flowing light brown powder and is highly effective over both segregated and unsegregated organic waste.
  • Odo-Treat is a powerful odour control agent that removes the offensive smell from putrefying organic waste.
  • It is completely natural formulation, effective and proven method of sanitising waste.
  • Waste masked with Odo-Treat produces no smell and does not attract pests and other nuisances such as flies, rats, mice etc.
  • Simply mask your waste with Odo-Treat.

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