Of many things the recent pandemic has taught us, is to keep your food source as much local as possible and find connection to a farmer nearby. The need of the hour is “participative farming” or what is also called as “CSA – community supported agriculture” where you work with the farmer or rent out a small portion of his land and he manages it for you.

Since I’m not a farmer and you can’t buy agriculture land in Maharashtra the next best thing to do is lease out land and grow your own food. So this is how I began my journey of growing food, starting with rice and hopefully many more crops to come.

I’ve worked closely with farmers since 2013 and now have a better understanding of words that people and brands just throw around – organic, sustainable, vegan, residue free, zbnf, natural, biological, eco, regenerative, zero pesticides, chemical free, etc

By virtue of being around farmers, I was fortunate to meet farmers who understand soil, understand different cycles in nature and have a deep and real understanding of the word “farming” which is truly to not just protect but also nourish the entire ecosystem we are part off i.e. Working with Nature.

Farming has always been extractive and has damaged our soil to an extent that over 30% land in Maharashtra (and India) has desertified. We want to work towards healing our land and use regenerative farming practices so it can flourish and gift us food and products that are medicine and in the process – healing itself, healing us and also our planet.

We will continue working and partnering with farmers who want to be a part of this story of regenerating our land and growing food and products that are truly beyond organic.

We simply call them ‘Products That Heal’…!

Regenerative Solutions LLP

Purvish Diwanji


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