What’s wrong with our food production system?

The way food is produced, processed, packaged, transported, sold, consumed and wasted has an enormous impact on the environment traveling from farm to fork. The ecological impact is negative – for our climate, soil, water and biodiversity, for rural livelihoods and for our health.

The most widely practiced industrial farming model because of its use of finite resources, its dependence on fossil fuels, chemical inputs and its adverse impacts on the health of humans and ecosystems renders it fundamentally unsustainable for the future.

Farming of Future – the Regenerative way :

Regenerative Agriculture is the practice of applying ecological concepts and principles to optimise interactions between plants, animals, humans and the environment.

Regenerative Agriculture is not a production system, but an approach that maximises ecological processes to support food production systems; a way of thinking holistically about agronomy, ecology and biology. To produce food in harmony with nature, not against it – produce it the Nature’s way.

The future we want :

Regenerative Ag is the answer to all environmental issues caused from the food we eat. In a Regenerative future, we would eat more plant-based foods and less but better meat, seafood, eggs and dairy. This would, simultaneously, counter environmental degradation and the many diet-related diseases (cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, certain types of cancer) which have been on the rise due to industrial farming.

A few benefits of Regenerative Agriculture :

Healthy Soils & Crops :

1.Healthy living soils with high soil organic matter

2.Diverse and protected soil microbial life

3.Efficient use of sunlight making crops resilient

4. Efficient carbon drawdown

5.Nutrient dense food that build human and animal health

6.Higher yields & farm income


Healthy People :

1.Lower food related diseases

2.More resilient immune systems

3.Lower health care costs

4.Happy communities


Healthy Planet :

1.Reduced fossil fuel use

2.Reduced pollution

3.Positive ecological footprint


A Regenerative World  is where people and nature thrive, together.

How we do it?

By working with individual farmers, farmer collectives, and self-help groups who practice Organic or Natural Farming and want to transition to a Regenerative one.

What we do?

Being human, is being part of Nature, we feel it is our duty to do whatever we can, no matter how small to protect Our Soils, Our People, Our Planet and make this world a better place for all.

We curate products that heal – Soil, People, Planet.

Mr. Nature’s is our homage to Mother Nature.

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