Sattu flour (stone ground)


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Sattu Flour is farmer sourced from the affluent state of Bihar where a group of farmers practice Regenerative Agriculture.

Sattu flour is made from indigenous variety Bengal Gram/Chana. The chana is smaller in size when compared to other market varieties. Indigenous Bengal gram is slightly roasted. It is then broken into pieces. The Chana is powdered by slow grinding using a stone grinder. This Atta is extremely nutritious and also has cooling properties.

Sattu is a great source of insoluble fiber, protein, iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese.

Using Sattu flour :

  • Sattu powder mixed in buttermilk or water.
  • Add to your thali peeth/theplas/parathas.

Sattu is used to make dough balls called “litti” and is part of the famous dish in Bihar called “Litti Chokha”.

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