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Lavender water is steam distilled using Himalayan Mountain Water and Organic Lavender buds and stem via distillation systems on the farms to make the most superior quality Lavender Water ever experienced by you.


How is our Lavender Water different ?

  • Made from Kashimiri “True Lavender” variety buds and stems
  • Lavender is Organically Grown
  • Mountain water distilled
  • Extremely fragrant
  • No Preservatives


Applications :

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Safe for calming children and pets
  • Makes fragrant lavender tea
  • Soothing pillow mist
  • Perfume like strong fragrance


Using Lavender Water :

  • Flavour deserts with our lavender water
  • Mix with aloe gel and use as face mist
  • Apply on insect bites, scars or burn area for faster healing and stop itch
  • Mix with our other floral waters to make fragrant natural body mists
  • Spray on pillows to help sleep better
  • Add to baby’s bath water to calm before sleep


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