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Welcome to"Mr-Natures"

Agriculture has become degenerative which is destroying our soil, plants, human and planet health, and the future already looks dark for the coming generations.

We have destroyed our Ecosystem and it is barely sustaining. We need to heal it and go beyond sustainability, that is to become a self-restoring or what is called a “Regenerative” ecosystem.

We know that healthy soils = healthy food = healthy people = healthy planet and we work with farmers to “Build Living Soils” and to regenerate their land so that the farm produce and products are organic, nutrition dense and food that is really medicine. Food grown in a way that heals the ecosystem.

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    Every product you buy is Ecologically safe, Economical for producer and has a Social Impact on the Ecosystem.

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    Every product you buy ensures safety for our Soil, Water, Earth. We believe in Earth Care.

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    Every product you buy ensures profit for the farmers / FPOs. We believe in People Care.

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    A 360° positive impact, creating a Healthy Ecosystem for Future. We believe in Future Care.

Products That Heal - Soil, People, Planet ™
Choose from Organic, Natural Farming, Farm Traceable products.
Choose to Live a healthy life.

Natural Cold Pressed Cooking Oils

Chemical Free, Nutrient Rich, Flavourful

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Eating and Reading are two pleasures that combine admirably - C.S.Lewis

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I got 4 bottles of the Cold Pressed Groundnut oil and Sesame Oil. Father was impressed with the quality and price. Fantastic is the word. We can’t imagine going back to the refined oil. My wife especially loves the sesame Oil. She cooks everything with that now.

Shashi Chidara, Bangalore

We have started to use your Til oil for cooking and turmeric. Both are very good quality products and we’ll be ordering further. Mustard oil for fish frying is also very good. Prices are competitive and thus we’re going to continue ordering more in future. Keep up the good work.

Harsh Rai, Bangalore

Folks here are very helpful. They care for your health and are not only for sales. I liked their cold pressed ground nut oil, pink salt and natural farming rice. Keep up the good work.

Muslim Poonawala, Pune

The Ground Nut oil I ordered for the First time was hesitant first but when used, it really has lovely taste and aroma and does not soak with deep fries.

Deepak Kamble, Mumbai