10 simple rules to reverse high BP

I was on high BP meds (Metxl 25) since 2012, that’s over a decade and I only put on weight, had constant body ache, fell sick quite often, constantly hungry and used to get tired very fast.

That’s the old me for 10years !

Since 5.5.2022 I’m off all meds, living disease free, lost 8.5kgs and living the best best life ever.

So what changes did I make ? I followed some basic food and lifestyle rules which everyone can follow and take charge of their lives, become medicine and disease free.

5 food rules :
1. Eating fruits for breakfast and a glass of coconut water
2. Eating salad for lunch with apple cider vinegar
3. Drink coconut water at 4pm and some soaked nuts/seeds
4. Eating salad followed by 150g cooked millets + moong dal for dinner (idli, appe, biryani, pulav, khichdi, bhakri, etc)
5. No food after 7pm

5 lifestyle rules :
1. Sun bath 20min every morning
2. A 10min walk after every meal (that’s 50 min / 5000 steps)
3. Walk 15min after waking up with some light stretching exercises like Yoga
4. Sleeping early and getting a good 8hrs of sleep before which I meditate for 15-20min
5. Fasting for min 12hrs

No secrets, no pills, no gym, no protein powder, no marathons, no magic, no stress – just simple food rules which have made me disease and medicine free.

PS : you got what not to eat ? which is the real reason why you are stuck in your present condition and with pills.

Take charge of your health, it’s now or never.

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