How millets release glucose?

We’ve always heard and some what believed that millets are good for diabetics, their slow-release mechanism helps to release glucose over a period time, etc

So if you never believed it, it’s ok, neither did we ?

So I thought of trying it out and see if there’s really proof in this pudding called millets ? I went to putting on a CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) device as I wanted to see this first hand on myself.

The results are shocking, so hang on to you chair

Millet lunch :
The glucose dips a bit and goes upto 105 and after 2hrs it’s down below 100

Millet snack with coconut water :
The glucose dips a bit, goes upto 115 and after 2hrs it’s below 100

Millet dinner : 7pm
Glucose spikes to 100, dips to 90, gives a second spike to 115 around 8pm and 2hrs post it’s 105

Other carbs like wheat and rice give one big spike and drop and this is very fast leaving you hungry and craving for more carbs, specially sweet desserts. Millets on the other hand, release sugar in a slow sustained manner and over a long period of time. This is what you need your food to do. Rice and Wheat products cannot accomplish this, try switching to millets one meal at a time and see the magic unfold as a healthy you.

Millets are really Nature’s solution so start by having a millet meal for dinner. The glucose is fed the right way, satiating hunger and there are no more cravings once you make this a habit.

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