When does ‘food become medicine?’

I have tried this on myself and the results are astonishing and focussed on achieving one thing and one thing only – A Disease Free body.

These foods when eaten in right quantity become “medicine” practically rebirthing your internal organs. If these food rules become your permanent lifestyle, you become immune to any and every non-communicable disease. That’s becoming invincible!

This is not magic, these food ratios help in production of new beta cells which regulate insulin hormone which in turns regulates sugar. 


Once sugar is managed, everything else falls in place, ultimately resulting in :

  1. Homeostatis – optimal functioning of all organs and 
  2. Autophagy – body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells

I have many friends doing this and getting the same results in a very short period of time. Each of them see immediate inch loose across the body, reduction in body weight, sugar levels dropping, BP managed and a cousin who is on 2 types of insulins for last 20 years is now on verge of getting off insulin completely. 

Make living a ‘Medicine and Disease free’ life your goal this year, you will thank yourself 10 years from now for taking this most important decision ever.


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