Black kashmiri raisins (with seed)

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Nothing but dried seeded grapes.

Made from indigenous Black Grapes native to kashmir and comes with seeds. Sundried to keep the phytonutrients intact, these raisins are a natural, nutritious health snack for kids and adults alike.


Raisins are a great source of energy. Raisins are charged with natural sugars like Glucose and Fructose. Raisins have an impressive nutrient profile of vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin K; and Minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorous, and Selenium.


Seeded raisins help in curbing the bad effects of LDL or Low Density Lipoproteins in our body. Raisins are a good source of calcium that forms an important constituent in our bones. Therefore, people suffering from osteoporosis can vastly benefit from eating raisins with seeds.


Nutritional Information : 

Approx per 100g

Energy : 299 KCal

Protein : 3.07g

Carbohydrate : 79.18g

  • of which sugar : 59.19g

Total Fat : 0.46g

Dietary Fiber : 3.70g

Cholesterol : 0 mg

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