The real Supermarket

Supermarkets always existed, and they are as old as the Earth and have not been created recently. We’ve only ignored the obvious around us – it’s our forests which are the real Supermarkets and much more!

In forests there is no one doing anything – no mowing, weeding, spraying, or digging. No one applying pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides or nasty chemicals.

By understanding how forests grow and sustain themselves without human intervention, we can learn from Nature, copy the systems to model our own food forests — ones filled with trees and plants that produce food and products that can heal us and keep us healthy.

In our work with farmers we come across different types of designs and layouts of the food forests, eg : 3D Farming, Multi-layer, Multi-cropping, Ganga Maa Mandala, etc which bring out the essence of a food forest – plants growing in harmony.

It’s only when farming is done in this way, our food becomes our medicine.

Visit farmers whenever possible, know more about your food and how Nature does it magic.

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