The most important Question to ask your farmer

Several questions come to your mind when you visit a farm, mostly about the color, size, taste of the food and of course pricing. Well, truth be told, the one pertinent question or observation to make when you visit a farm is how are the weeds controlled in the farm?

The most common practice is to decimate weeds using a herbicide/weedicide called glyphosate which has become a bane for us not just in India but across the globe and the use is only increasing every year.

So why is glyphosate dangerous besides being a carcinogen and how does it affect human health? Glyphosate disrupts the shikimic acid pathway through inhibition of the enzymes annihilating the soil microbial life and eventually the plants which are so called weeds.

This pathway is integral to all life on the planet. 52% of human body is bacteria and the 100 trillion organisms that inhabit our healthy digestive tract, do have a Shikimate pathway.  This has caused a consequent damage to our inner life force and is now linked to lymphatic cancer, endocrine disruption, liver & kidney damage, autism, celiac disease, gluten intolerance and auto-immune issues, to name a few.

‘Organic Farms’ however, do not use herbicides or any outside inputs. Food coming from these farms is 100% safe for our gut-health. So the next time you visit a farm, start by asking if its an organic farm or a farm that grows Organic Food, both are not the same!

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