Organic Cow Ghee (A2)


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Cultured Ghee is the best choice if you are dairy intolerant!




Our traditional Cow Cultured Ghee recipe has been used for thousands of years. The ancient tradition of Ayurveda considers Cultured Ghee important for strengthening Agni, our powerful digestive fire. Cultured Ghee is known as Desi Ghee in India, where the word desi means prepared with indigenous method.


Cultured Ghee is the best choice if you are dairy intolerant because during the culturing/fermentation process of cream, lactose is converted into lactic acid. This makes for a much more digestible product for many people.


Ghee making process :

Why this Ghee is different ?

  • Prepared through the traditional Fermentation process especially from Ayurvedic perspectives
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel vessels are used for storage and preparation.
  • Prepared from In House Certified Pure Organic Cow Milk
  • No Chemicals, no pesticides no hormonal injections used on cows and fodder
  • No Preservatives added
  • It has natural Color. No colors added
  • 9 months shelf life
  • Best taste and value for money attributes
  • Rich in vitamins, Minerals and Metals
  • FSSAI approved Organic Cow Ghee


The Cows are grass fed/ with organic fodder, produced using in house vermicompost, cow dung manure and cow urine etc.

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