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Shahi jeera (cumin)

Shahi or Black Jeera is grown using natural farming principles in the hilly areas of Gurez valley of Kashmir Sourced from Kashmir farmers, this jeera has high oil content and is known for its sweet flavour and aroma Shahi Jeera is extensively used in medicines and in cooking too. It is mainly used in tandoori dishes, in some specific Indian curries, is an important ingredient of masala tea and Indian garam masala Benefits :
  • Good for digestive health, acts as a carminative
  • Seeds are used as remedies for bronchitis and cough
  • Does wonders to skin, helps to treat eczema, dry skin and psoriasis
  • It is believed to boost cardiovascular health and also help in regulating blood sugar levels.
  • It is also believed to be good for female reproductive health
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Rajma (mix)

Sourced directly from kashmiri farmers, grown without chemicals and pesticides with nature's best himalayan water and the purest natural conditions.   Here Are Some Benefits Of Kidney Beans You May Not Have Known :   Rich In Protein:Vegans and vegetarians often find themselves in a dearth of options when it comes to protein sources. According to USDA, a 100-gram serving of raw kidney beans contain about 24 grams of protein. Kidney beans teamed with rice are dubbed as the complete protein meal. Leaving soy and quinoa, plant-based protein sources like beans, nuts and whole grains are incapable of giving you your required fill of protein. But, they can be combined with other foods to complete your set of proteins. Legumes are great proteins, and are also loaded with good quality fibre. The combination of grains and legumes works well if you want a variety of amino acids in a single meal. If you eat a variety of plant-based foods and legumes, you will get your dose of complete protein and nutrition. However, make sure you maintain portion control. Kidney beans are abundantly loaded with protein phaseolin, which may cause allergic reactions in some people.   Good For Digestion: Kidney beans contain a hearty mix of both soluble and insoluble fibre. Fibre helps to promote good digestive health and bowel regularity. But again, you have to ensure that you do not overindulge, or you may have problems like gas and flatulence.   Good For Diabetics: A good part of kidney beans are carbs. But, don’t you fret already. The carbs present in kidney beans are the good kinds, also known as the ‘slow-release carbohydrate’. These carbs delay the digestion, which aids slow release of sugars in the blood stream. Kidney beans have a very low glycemic index (29), which makes it an ideal food for diabetics.   High In Essential Minerals: Rajma is high in blood building iron, phosphorous – which plays a crucial role in healthy bones and teeth – and vitamin K that helps protect the nervous system from free radical damage.   Lowers Cholesterol: Kidney beans are rich in soluble fibres. Soluble fibre attracts water and turns it into gel during digestion. While we all know that soluble fibres help promoting digestion but not many know that they also help lower “unhealthy” (LDL)cholesterol.   Weight Loss: Kidney beans are packed with proteins and fibres, both of which help induce a sense of satiety. When you feel full, you would binge less and would be able to manage your weight better. They also contain substantial amounts of resistant starch, which may play an effective role in weight management.   Kidney beans contain many bioactive plant compounds, including :
  • Isoflavones. A class of antioxidants present in high amounts in Rajma, isoflavones are categorized as phytoestrogens due to their similarity to the female sex hormone, estrogen.
  • Anthocyanins. This family of colorful antioxidants occurs in the skin of kidney beans. The color of red kidney beans is mainly due to an anthocyanin known as pelargonidin.
  • Phytohaemagglutinin. This toxic protein exists in high amounts in raw kidney beans, especially red varieties. It can be eliminated through cooking.
  • Phytic acid. Found in all edible seeds, phytic acid (phytate) impairs your absorption of various minerals, such as iron and zinc. It can be reduced by soaking, sprouting, or fermenting the beans.
  • Starch blockers. A class of lectins, also known as alpha-amylase inhibitors, starch blockers impair or delay the absorption of carbs from your digestive tract but are inactivated by cooking.
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Black raisins (with seed)

 250.00 450.00
Nothing but dried seeded grapes. Made from indigenous Black Grapes native to kashmir and comes with seeds. Sundried to keep the phytonutrients intact, these raisins are a natural, nutritious health snack for kids and adults alike.   Raisins are a great source of energy. Raisins are charged with natural sugars like Glucose and Fructose. Raisins have an impressive nutrient profile of vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin K; and Minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorous, and Selenium.   Seeded raisins help in curbing the bad effects of LDL or Low Density Lipoproteins in our body. Raisins are a good source of calcium that forms an important constituent in our bones. Therefore, people suffering from osteoporosis can vastly benefit from eating raisins with seeds.   Nutritional Information :  Approx per 100g Energy : 299 KCal Protein : 3.07g Carbohydrate : 79.18g
  • of which sugar : 59.19g
Total Fat : 0.46g Dietary Fiber : 3.70g Cholesterol : 0 mg
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Forest honey (himachal)


This high-quality and purest honey comes from the highly coveted Apis cerena indica honeybee that is indigenous to India and collected from the wild forests of Dhauladhar Mountain Range located in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh - in the lap of the Himalayas.

It comes to you raw, unprocessed, unfiltered and as pure as nature made it. It retains all the vitamins, minerals and most importantly pollens and enzymes that make a pure honey a superfood.

  Benefits of Honey :
  • Ayurveda supports the medicinal importance of honey and its healing properties. Called as nature’s natural antibiotic, it is known to possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Honey is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, flavonoids and healing compounds which when taken regularly keep people healthy.
  • Made by the alchemy of bees collecting nectar, pollen, and resins from flowers, honey can help moisturize, fight aging, and fight bacteria.
  • Honey helps reduces ulcers & other bacterial gastrointestinal disorders.

Things to remember :

* Do not refrigerate.

* Honey crystallisation is normal, when it happens put in warm water or sunlight.

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