Masoor dal


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Masoor dal is farmer sourced from the affluent state of Bihar where a group of farmers practice Regenerative Agriculture in Ramgharwa village.

Our Chemical free Masoor Dal is grown in Ramgharwa, Bihar as an intercrop in rows of usually a fruit orchard like papaya, mango, guava. The only inputs given are cow dung and cow urine to maintain its growth and a healthy produce.

Inter-cropping brings about that special taste, increases nutrient value making our dal the perfect ‘Vegan Protein’ source.

Our dal has :

  • its Original Aroma
  • is Medium sized
  • is Un-polished
  • is Protein Rich
  • is Nutrient dense

Relish and Enjoy Masoor dal as :

  • soup with other vegetables
  • curries/dal
  • stuffed flat bread

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