Are you buying adulterated Cold Pressed Oils ?

Do you really trust your brand ?

A regular customer sent us pictures of a Safflower Oil bottle from a leading brand which claimed to be 100% Cold Pressed Oil.

The question asked was : “Does Safflower Oil become solid (freeze) just like Coconut oil does in winters specially in Northern India where recently temperatures went below 10 deg C”?

The simple answer to this is “it does not“. This is because the freezing/melting point of Safflower Oil is minus 17 deg C. At the same time Coconut oil has a freezing/melting point below of 24 deg C and so easy to solidify.

So the next question – Why did the Safflower Oil freeze inside the bottle ?

The only answer – ADULTERATION.

Safflower oil froze because it was adulterated with “Palm Oil”. Palm Oil has a freezing/melting point of 35 deg C and when mixed with any oil (to reduce the overall pricing) it is going to freeze inside the bottle making it 2 layers. Sometimes Palm Kernel oil is used for adulteration and the freezing/melting point is 24 Deg C.

If you have faced a similar thing, refer to the chart above and find out for yourself if your oil is adulterated?

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