Which Rice is the best – White, Brown, Black or Red ?

Is rice good for you?

Yes it is, but it depends on portion size and how frequently it’s being consumed. The best time to be consuming rice is around your physical activity, as this is when your body is going to be using up and requiring carbohydrates for performance and recovery. If you’re having rice and doing your training session a few hours later, this would be a great way to incorporate rice into your diet.

What nutrition does rice provide?

The main nutrient all types of rice provides is carbohydrate, with the exact amount changing depending on the variety.

In general, rice contains iron, magnesium, B vitamins and fibre, but the quantities of these do vary depending on the type of rice.

What’s the difference between white rice, brown rice, red rice and black rice?

White rice

White rice has a higher glycemic index which means your body breaks down white rice more quickly. White rice is also lower in fibre — fibre is important for gut health and keeping you feeling full for longer. White rice tends to contain less vitamins and minerals. If you’re choosing white rice, go for basmati rice which is a better option.

Brown rice

Brown rice has the outer hull removed but it still has the bran layer and the germ. This means is there is a lot more nutrients which are still left in the rice. Brown rice is a good source of magnesium, iron and can be a good source of zinc. It also contains more fibre compared to white rice.

Black rice

Black rice has a nuttier and stronger flavour compared to white rice, and in terms of nutrition, black rice sits in between brown rice and red rice. Black rice tends to have a lower glycemic index, so it is more slow releasing and takes longer to digest. It is also high in Iron and Protein than others.

Red rice

Red rice has become more popular and available over the last few years, and with good reason. It’s arguably the most nutritious rice variety to eat. Red rice contains anthocyanins. We often think of anthocyanins in blueberries and other red-purple fruits and vegetables. The fact that red rice contains anthocyanins is a big positive as you’re getting more nutrients.


So when it comes to deciding which one to choose, why not keep it simple, quit the white and give brown, black and red to fill-up your week and your stomach while keeping your healthy?


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