Why Powders beat Tablets and Capsules when it comes to Superfoods, Spices & Herbs ?

We get asked a lot as to why Mr.Nature’s turmeric, moringa, spirulina and other herbal products are not available in tablets or pills ?


Well the answer is down-right simple :

Powder is the only form where we can keep the product 100% pure, in its natural state.


To make tablets we would need to add :

1.  Excipients – binders to hold it together, sometimes its upto 20%

2. Preservatives – as it no longer a 100% natural product by itself

3. Additives – so that the tablet breaks down in the stomach easily

4. Talc – to get the shiny look on the tablet


Besides the above, tablets may not dissolve properly in the stomach, causing them to be essentially wasted if they are passed out of the body before the vitamins and nutrients can be absorbed into the bloodstream.


Tablets also tend to cost significantly more than powders and they have space and potency limitations since their powdered contents cannot be compressed to a significant degree. This means that you may need to take more tablets in order to get enough of a certain nutrient.


Advantages of powders :

– Typically, powders are the most pure form of supplements, with less “other ingredients” mixed in.

– They have high bioavailability, allowing for more effective nutrient delivery.

– They can be very cost-effective, and offer great flexibility with dosing (you can make much finer adjustments to the dose than with capsules or tablets). This can be useful for supplements taken in gram quantities (eg. spirulina, protein, etc)

So our recommendation is that you go with powder product over a tablet or a capsule and get the most out of it.

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