Are Sesame and Gingelly oil same ?

Sesame and Gingelly oil both are from the same parent seed, the difference is in the processing of the seed before extraction of these oils.

The yellow color of the Sesame oil is because the oil is extracted from raw sesame seed (non-roasted) whereas Gingelly oil is also from raw seed but using other processes which makes the temperature go a little higher than the first process, yielding the amber color.

Third variation from the seeds is where the sesame seed is roasted and then oil is extracted from it, yielding a dark brown color. All the three variations from same seed, its the “process” that makes these variants.

Based on the same, these 3 variants have 3 different uses in the Kitchen :

  • Yellow / Sesame oil : high smoke point, can be used for deep frying, stir frying and food flavoring
  • Amber / Gingelly oil : low smoke point, can be used for stir frying which brings out its flavor
  • Dark Brown Sesame oil : very low smoke point, only for flavor enhancing, used mostly as a dressing oil

Choose what’s right based on what you plan to cook.


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