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Spirulina powder


Spirulina is a nutrient dense blue green algae, high in natural plant protein, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Spirulina which is highly affluent in protein, vital macro-nutrients & micro-nutrients will help the body detoxify and meet its nutritional requirements.

  A healthy digestive system absorbs 30-35% of nutrients from food and with the kind of toxic processed foods we eat, our systems cannot absorb more than 10%. Organic Spirulina powder is absorbed between 85-90% and the best part is that it works as a detoxifier, making your gut healthy so what you eat works the way it should.  

Benefits :

1.Boost Metabolism

2.Improve digestion

3.Increase immunity

4.Detox your body

5.Reduce risk of diseases


1 Spoon Of Spirulina Contains :

•3,100% More Beta-Carotene Than Carrots

•5,500% More Iron Than Spinach

•375% More Proteins Than Soya

•31 Times More Antioxidants Than Blueberries


Protein in 1 SPN of Spirulina is equal to :

•Protein in 4 Eggs

•Protein in 150g Chicken

•Protein in 120g fish

•Protein in 100g Mutton


Consumption Tips :

Spirulina is best taken in powder form by including into your juices, smoothies and shakes. You can mix spirulina into a smoothie or sprinkled on top of a salad for an excellent nutritional boost.


Dosage :

Kids : 1g-2g a day

Adults : 5g – 6g a day

Athletes : 8g - 10g a day


Caution :

Spirulina is a powerful detoxifier so it is important to start with a small dose and work your way up so that you can see how your body responds, and then gradually increase your dosage. Some detoxification reactions that can possibly occur when consuming are: a low-grade fever, dark green waste, excessive gas, restlessness, breaks out or itchy skin, and or sleepiness.


These symptoms are temporary and are evidence that your body is responding to it.

  Speak to your doctor before taking spirulina if you are taking other medications or supplements for any of the following medical conditions: immune system disorders, inflammation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, viruses, allergies, neurologic conditions, diabetes, weight loss, heart problems, osteoporosis, cancer and blood clots. If you are pregnant, nursing or have hyperthyroidism you should discuss with your health care provider.

Nutritional information (approx per 100g) :

Energy (Kcal) : 343.04

Protein (g) : 63.02

Carbohydrates (g) : 25.52

Fat (g) : 1.52

Carotene (mg) : 530

Chlorophyll (mg) : 1240

Phycocyanin (%) : 10.15

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Amla Powder

Organic Amla Powder is a 100% pure Organic with no chemicals in it. It is known to be very popular and has many applied benefits and medical value. Applying Amla powder on skin and hair helps in the reduction or prevention of acne and pimples. It also provides strength to the hair and enhances hair roots and provide them a colour texture. It is easily available and can be used to purify the blood to give shiny hair. It is mainly used as hair toner and improves hair pigmentation. (more…)
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Moringa Powder

 150.00 700.00
Our Moringa powder contains Organic leaf powder of wild Moringa oliefera. The Moringa trees have been in the wild for centuries and the leaves are collected by the tribal settlers of village Ghanval, Mokhada which falls between Trimbakeshwar and Palghar. The powder is produced by harvesting, sun-drying and then hand pounding the leaves.   Improve your overall nutrition and relieve stress with the help of Moringa. Often referred to as a “Miracle Tree”, this herbal supplement provides energy, boosts the body’s immune system and is a great antioxidant.   Moringa supplies nourishment to the brain and body, promotes the cell structure of the body, stabilizes sugar levels, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improves metabolism and digestion and prevents premature aging.   Using Moringa Powder : 4 to 6 grams daily in a glass of lukewarm water, twice a day. Mix with lemon juice or any other of your favorite fruit/ vegetable juices or smoothies, salad dressing or any other food, to suit an individual’s specific taste. For better absorption, avoid eating any food for half an hour before and after consumption. For detoxification, some users may increase their daily intake.   Multiple Benefits of Wild Moringa Powder :
  • Moringa leaves have 4 times more Beta-Carotene ( raw form of Vitamin A) than that of carrots.
  • 17 times more calcium than that of milk.
  • 25 times more iron than that of Spinach.
  • A rich source of Vitamin C.
  • An excellent source of Amino acids (Amino acids form proteins).
  • Boosts overall energy level.
  • Increases stamina & vitality.
  • Naturally restores essential vitamin & mineral imbalances.
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Turmeric capsules


Turmeric with Black Pepper, 500mg, 60 vegan capsules.

Used for thousands of years in traditional Indian and Asian culinary and wellness traditions, the rhizome of turmeric naturally supplies beneficial curcuminoids—plant-based antioxidants. The most notable of these is curcumin, which helps fight cell-damaging free radicals in the body.

We’ve enhanced our organic turmeric powder with organic black pepper to help support greater absorption in each serving.

No Gluten, Non-GMO, No Soy, No Artificial Color, No Artificial Flavor, No Artificial Sweetener, No Preservatives, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Milk, No Lactose.

Vegan capsules :
  • Consists of only two ingredients: HPMC and purified water.
  • HPMC -- Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose -- is derived from vegetable cellulose.
  • 100% natural, these capsules contain no preservatives, gelatin, gluten, GMOs, wheat, animal by-products or starch, and they are made from pure cellulose of either pine or poplar.
  • Approved by the FDA and FSSAI.
  • Kosher and Halal certified.

Directions: For adults, take 1 quick release capsule 1 to 2 times daily, after a meal.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use. If any adverse reactions occur, immediately stop using this product and consult your doctor. If seal under cap is damaged or missing, do not use. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

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Beetroot powder

 200.00 350.00
Beetroots, commonly knows as beets, are a popular root vegetable used in many cuisines around the world. Bets are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and plant compounds some of which have medicinal properties.
Beetroots are a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, including:
  • folate, which is important for DNA and cell health
  • vitamin B-6, which supports metabolism and red blood cell production
  • calcium, an essential mineral for bone growth and strength
  • iron, which allows red blood cells to carry oxygen
  • magnesium, a mineral that supports immune, heart, muscle, and nerve health
  • manganese, which contributes to the regulation of metabolism and blood sugar levels
  • phosphorous, an essential nutrient for teeth, bones, and cell repair
  • copper, which plays a role in making collagen, maintaining bones and blood vessels, and supporting immune function
  • zinc, which promotes wound healing, supports the immune system, and encourages normal growth
Beetroots also contain other beneficial compounds:
  • Phytochemicals give plants their color and flavor. They also stimulate the immune system, minimize inflammation, and reduce oxidative stress.
  • Betalains are responsible for the deep red color of beetroots. These pigments have promising antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antitoxic properties.
  • Nitrates refer to a group of organic compounds that improve blood flow and promote heart health.
Benefits of drinking beet juice daily : 
  1. Improving blood pressure
Beet juice made from our naturally grown beet and solar dried powder may be have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.
Beets naturally contain large quantities of nitrates, which the body converts into nitric oxide. This compound dilates the blood vessels, which improves blood flow and lowers overall blood pressure.
This is similar to High-intensity exercise which also trigger nitric oxide (NO) production in your body.
  1. Prevent anaemia
Beetroots are rich in iron, an essential component of red blood cells. Without iron, red blood cells cannot transport oxygen around the body.
People who have low iron levels can sometimes develop a condition called iron deficiency anemia. Adding sources of iron to the diet can reduce the risk of this condition.
The symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include:
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • shortness of breath
  • headaches
  • rapid heartbeat
  1. Liver protection :
Beetroot juice contains antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin B-6, and iron. These compounds help protect the liver from inflammation and oxidative stress while enhancing its ability to remove toxins from the body.
Direction to use :
Beet root powder can be added to smoothies, shakes, raw rice or cakes, candies, cookies.
1 teaspoon of beet root powder is equivalent to 1 average size beet.
Ingredients : 100% Beet root powder
Nutritional facts (per 100g) :
Calories : 355
Carbohydrates : 82.11g
Iron : 4.8mg
Phosphorus : 219mg
Calcium : 74mg
Vitamin B : 2.2mg
Vitamin C : 40mg
Fat : 0.5g
Minerals : 3.2g
Fiber : 2.9g
Caution :
The nitrates in beetroot juice affect blood pressure. Anyone who has low blood pressure or is currently taking blood pressure medication should speak with a healthcare professional before adding beets or beetroot juice to their diet.
Beets contain high levels of oxalates, which can cause kidney stones in people with a high risk of this condition.
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Kasuri methi powder

 200.00 350.00
Kasuri methi is grown using Natural farming principles without the use of chemicals or pesticides. The leaves are then sun-dried and ground into powder to keep the original flavour of this age old Indian herb.   Using kasuri methi powder : 
  • add to vegetables
  • add to pulses and lentils
  • methi parathas for kids
  • chapattis
  Kasuri methi is a healthy addition for weight watchers, diabetes, heart disease and for people of all age groups. Add it not just for flavor but also for nourishment.
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Spike (Immunity booster)

 300.00 750.00

Indian Spices and Immunity:

Indian foods, specially herbs/spices have been for ages known to have been used for boosting immunity. This is attributed to the high ORAC values of the spices, their anti-oxidant capacity and having what is called as high ORAC values. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity, a lab tool used to quantify the total antioxidant capacity of a food. Free radicals or oxidants are molecules that have an unpaired electron and can cause damage to the DNA. The less free radical damage there is, the higher the antioxidant capacity of the food, and therefore higher the ORAC score.

Higher the ORAC score, better will be oxygen carrying capacity of blood and also lungs’ oxygen capacity.

SPICES & ORAC Value (per 100g) : Clove powder : 3,14,446 (clove has the highest ORAC value in the world) Cinnamon powder : 2,67,537 Turmeric powder : 1,02,700 Cumin seeds powder : 76800 Black peppercorn powder : 34053 Ginger powder : 28811 Coriander seeds powder : 5141 Cardamom powder : 2764 Fennel seeds powder : 307

Ingredients in spike :

Turmeric powder (Haldi), Cumin seeds (Jeera), Coriander Seeds (Dhaniya), Fennel seeds (Saunf), Ginger Powder (Saunth), Black peppercorns (Kali Mirch), SriLankan Rolled Cinnamon powder (Dalchini), Cardamom powder (Elaichi) and Clove powder (Laung).

Sourcing :

Organic Turmeric powder, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, dry ginger powder are sourced from sustainable farms of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Black peppercorns , Clove, Cinnamon powder, Cardamom are sourced from Fair Trade and Organic certified Farms in Kerala.

No Preservatives, No Additives, No Binders, No Fillers. 100% Natural Plant-based Ingredients.

Dosage and using spike :

1/2 tea spoon daily either with warm water, add to soup or as a seasoning in food.

Benefits of taking Spike regularly:

• Helps stimulate and boost your immunity. Specially in children.

• Helps defend you against common disease-causing micro-organisms.

• If you are on any medication, consult your doctor before consuming this powder.

• If you have gastric issues (high pitta) eg acidity – consume less than ½ teaspoon per day post breakfast or lunch.

Additional ways to increase your immunity :

• Don’t smoke.

• Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables.

• Exercise regularly.

• Maintain a healthy weight.

• If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.

• Get adequate sleep.

• Take steps to avoid infection, such as washing your hands frequently and cooking meats thoroughly.

• Try to minimize stress.

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Carrot powder

 200.00 350.00
Using fresh carrots is not always possible, especially because they become stale if kept for long. Dried carrot powder could be an easy solution. They not only have a long shelf life but can also be rehydrated easily whenever needed. Our dried organic carrots stands out for its rich taste, which infuses with the overall flavour of the dish that it is used in. The sweetness of the powder is completely natural, healthy and there are no added artificial flavour and preservatives. Carrot powder is naturally rich in Thiamine, Vitamin B6 and Manganese, dried carrots also boast of dietary fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Potassium.


Good to taste and healthy to eat, children find it as an interesting ingredient in noodles and instant vegetable pasta. Dried carrots do not just add flavour to the dishes, but also enhance the nutrient-content, especially because they are not readily accepted by children in its raw form.

Manufacturing Process

The raw vegetables are cleaned and blanched at the desired temperature and then cooled to room temperature. This entire process induces enzyme inactivation, which is essential for the longer storage life of the vegetables. It is then tray-dried at an industry-specific temperature.


They are a popular alternative among kids in noodles, soups, rice blends, salad dressing, sauces, gravies, and salsas. They are also used in:
  • Ready to Cook and Eat Food Products: Dehydrated carrots are a staple in tinned and canned food, which can just be opened, heated and consumed. They are integrated into these food items as dried bits or flakes or chopped or minced or granules, depending on the recipe.
  • Condiments: Dried carrot powder is used to thicken smoothies, soups, and stews. Carrot powder can also be added to flour in baking or seasoning salads.
  • Commonly used in Soup Powders, Instant Food Products, Food Premixes, Health Food, Soups, Pickles, Salad Dressings, Meats & Processed Foods, Spice Blends, Rice Blends, Gravies.
Ingredients (Raw Material): Fresh Organic Carrot Colour, Taste & Aroma: Orange Colour & Characteristics of Fresh Organic Carrot Shelf Life: 12 Months Handling / Storage: Store in cool & dry place, temperature below 20°C, refrigerate after opening
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Spinach (Palak) powder

 200.00 350.00
Spinach is grown using Natural farming principles without the use of chemicals or pesticides. The leaves are then sun-dried and ground into powder to keep the original flavour of this age old Indian herb. Spinach powder is a good source of protein, vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, iron and other nutrients. It is full of nutrients, has no fat and very few calories. Spinach is rich in antioxidants, which works toward a healthier body. It is easy way to use, last longer, taste, look and smells same as leaves. Spinach are important for skin, hair, and bone health. They also provide protein, iron, minerals, fiber and water, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K calcium, magnesium, Spinach is one of the best sources of dietary potassium.   Using dried Spinach (Palak) powder : 
  • add to vegetables
  • add to soups and stews
  • make palak parathas for kids
  • add to smoothies and juices
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