Forest honey (tulsi)



Our Honey project is Ecological Responsible. No bees were harmed during its collection.

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The Tulsi Honey is made by infusing tulsi (Holy Basil) in Raw Honey. This bottle of tulsi infused honey has all the benefits of raw honey and tulsi combined. 

Our raw honey is Unprocessed, raw and collected from the wild forests in the Western Ghat of Maharashtra.

Western Ghat region of Maharashtra has been declared as “World Heritage” by UNESCO. Historically the Western Ghats have always been well-covered in dense forests which provides honey, wild foods and natural habitats for native people.

At present 500+ Beekeepers from 38 villages collect wild honey. All these Beekeepers have been trained to collect bee honey from western ghats without disturbing or harming the bees, their colonies and their environment.

Honey & Tulsi strengthens respiratory system and is great source of energy.


Nutritional information (approx value per 100gm) :

Energy : 322.08 kcal

Protein : 0.7gm

Carbohydrates : 79.82gm


Things to remember :

* Do not refrigerate.

* Honey crystallisation is normal, when it happens put in warm water or sunlight.

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